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Writing Prompt Number 97


What is the worst event in history to have ever taken place, in your opinion? Could something like this possibly happen again?

11 responses to “Writing Prompt Number 97”

  1. Here in the Philippines,it would be when Typhoon Haiyan struck our country. It was the strongest typhoon ever recorded in the world. It left thousands dead, and most of all the donations by other country was not even used.

  2. I’m not sure about what’s the worst even in History, it looks like many horrible events happen and they repeat again in a cycle years later cause sometimes people don’t care or don’t learn from history..

  3. In terms of History i do not have any. At least outside of my own history that is. I guess what I am trying to say is It is not my place to say my own impact. but rather how people will describe me if that is making sense.

  4. The history that I never want to repeat is the war that happened in the past. I’m told that it was really devastating. I wouldn’t want that to be repeated.

  5. Deadly diseases that ravage the world all the time. It really always a disaster for the region affected. I hope we can get rid of them

  6. I would say this pandemic. It has come at the time was planning to move out and it didn’t only affect me, but many other.

  7. That’s my country election, every citizen new who won the election but the man was robbed and wasn’t announced as the winner. Jailed and eventually died. Was later announced as winner after dead, what a funny case

  8. Ah, this is tough. I cant presently think of any one that happens while I was born. Only the stories I heard and I never wish a repeat.

  9. The issue of covid19 is history everyone won’t forget. And the year 2020 will forever be in memory.

  10. I would probably say this COVID 19 is the worst event in the history. A pandemic across the globe which became the cause of suffering of everyone. This causes havoc to everyone’s life. Up to this day COVID 19 is still out there. Be careful always.

  11. When I was little, the worst event of my life was when my two brothers ran away from home for fear that my parents would punish them for breaking dishes, that left a mark on me, and to this day we do not know anything about them.

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