Yes, I Am A Writer And Photographer.

Whenever I tell someone that I’m a writer and photographer, I subconsciously ask myself if they believe me, because often times, they don’t.  There is just something askew with modern society which dictates the following generalized rules according to professionalism in which one must either have a college degree in their profession or get paid a lot of money for it.  And while at this point, I do not yet have a college degree, I do get paid for what I create, and although it’s not much compared to what others are being paid, it’s enough for me to get by.

Too often in modern society, we make the mistake of judging the worth others, and sadly ourselves, based upon external evidences such as college degrees, our salaries, where we live, the value of our physical possessions, etc, when we should value and accept ourselves and one another simply as unique and individual human beings.  It matters not where we have been, who we know, or how much money we make, but that within each one of us is a story or perspective on the human experience that needs to be paid attention to, and that is the reason why I have decided to devote my life to my creative pursuits.


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