HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

Harvey L. Slatin
78 Main Street
Stamford, New York 12167

August 5, 1991

Dear Thomas,

Your last letter was nifty.  We enjoyed it very much.  Now that we have read if fifty times, it has lost much of its glamor.  Needless to say (and we say it anyway), we have not heard from you in over ten days.  We assume you are having so good a time that writing would be an interference.  We hope that you are writing to others on that list mother carefully made out for you.

Here is the latest on the animals at home.  We are not sure if it is the weather or your absence that has gotten into the pets.  Emma is still pretending to be a cat and even without her tail periscope, sleeps flat on her back with her feet upright.  Her efforts in trying to meow are still fruitless.

Bow, Sam wants to be a dog, an aggressive dog.  He maintains, “If Emma wants to be a cat, that will make three cats and one dog, so I’ll even the score and be a dog.”
“That’s silly,” says Emma, “You’re too little to be a dog and besides you can’t bark.”
“My bark is as good as my bite.” With which, Sam pounces on Emma, who forgets to meow and barks.
“Since I’m a dog,” says Sam, “I’m supposed to chase and hound cats.  So get off your butt and try to escape me.”
Schuyler looks on all this with disdain.  “You are both nuts, if you ask me.  You should have your heads examined.”
Where upon, Sam and Emma attack Schuyler, who thinks it all lots of fun and joins the fray.  Roxanne is the only intelligent one and she avoids contact with any of them.  Gordo has always thought Emma to be a gullible loony tune and wishes she could get at Schuyler.

That’s how it is in your absence.  We are sure all will return to normal on your return from camp.  This weekend, David and Lois are coming up to stay.  David will surely be missing you.  Then, the following Wednesday, we will be coming to pick you up.  Arturo is anxious to see you, and we will probably stop in to see him on the way back.  The following week, we are going to see your grandmother and grandfather.  Then, it’s getting you ready for school.  Oh joy!  Oh rapture!  The summer really went fast.

Take care of yourself; have lots of fun; and be well.

Love, kisses, and hugs,


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