• Photography

    Another Cold And Frosty Morning

    As I opened my eyes this morning, the first thing that greeted me was the heavy fog blanketing our farm. It’s December, and the cold has settled in, leaving a frosty kiss on every blade of grass and tree. The weather here, though unpredictable, never fails to amaze me. Each day brings its own unique beauty, and today, the world outside seems like a serene wonderland, shrouded in a misty veil. It’s moments like these that remind me why I cherish living on the farm, where nature’s whims are a constant, yet splendid surprise. December 2023

  • Diary

    The Westholm, Nevermore

    Visiting my mom in Upstate New York always brings a sense of nostalgia, a reminder of the simplicity and innocence of childhood. Today was no different. As I drove through the familiar streets of where I used to live, the memories came flooding back, each one a vivid snapshot of a life that once was. My visit to mom was brief yet heartwarming. We chatted about everything and nothing, sipping soda in her living room, surrounded by the comforting smells of home. But amidst our conversations, I couldn’t shake off the feeling of transience. Nothing ever stays the same, I thought. I was born, and one day I’ll die. The…

  • Writing

    The Dumbing Down Of Political Discourse

    Introduction In 1789, George Washington delivered his inaugural address, a seminal moment in American history. This speech, rich in its language and depth, marked not only the commencement of Washington’s presidency but also symbolized the birth of the United States as a sovereign nation. Over two centuries later, the art of presidential oratory has undeniably evolved, adapting to the changing tides of time and society. As an observer of this evolution, one cannot help but notice a significant shift in the complexity and depth of presidential speeches. This observation leads us to an intriguing inquiry: has there been an intentional dumbing down of political discourse in the United States, especially…

  • Diary

    Riding The Dragon’s Wings

    Sometimes I feel as if I caught the pearl and rode the dragon’s wings, soaring through the great big skies of my own existence, caught between reality and dreams. In these moments, I am untethered, a creature of pure whimsy, seemingly unbound by the mundane shackles of daily life. The pearl rests in my palms, a symbol of wisdom gained through experience. It reminds me of the trials and triumphs that have sculpted my being. In its luster, I see the reflections of my laughter, my tears, and the myriad of emotions that punctuate the pivotal moments of my life. Riding the dragon’s wings, I embrace the tumultuous winds of…

  • Diary

    Red And Purple Sunrise

    This morning, I witnessed something magical. As I peeked through my window, the sky was transforming into a breathtaking canvas. The red and purple hues of the sunrise blended together in a multitude of fiery colors, casting a gentle glow over the world. The red was so deep and passionate, like the warmth of a cozy fire, while the purple added a touch of mystery and depth. Watching this spectacle, I felt a sense of peace and wonder. It was a reminder of the beauty that begins each day, often unnoticed in our busy lives. I stood there, mesmerized, letting the colors wash over me, filling me with hope and…

  • Writing

    Reckless Driving By Local Volunteer Ambulance Company

    If volunteers wish to be regarded as unpaid professionals, they must uphold the same standards as their salaried counterparts. To whom it may concern: I write this letter to shed light on a distressing incident I recently experienced on the roads of Vermont. It deeply concerns me not just as an individual, but from my professional perspective as a former career Firefighter and Paramedic Lieutenant. While traveling, I was abruptly forced off the road by a local volunteer ambulance company that seemed to exhibit a blatant disregard for safe driving practices. What was even more alarming was the fact that the ambulance chose to overtake my vehicle on a blind…