American Writer, Photographer, and Website Designer. Former career Fire and EMS Lieutenant. She/Her/Lesbian.

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  • Thomas Slatin Quote

    This morning, I ran to the water, took all my clothes off, stood at the waters edge and gazed awhile in the solace of silence. I took a deep breath, still burdened with the memories of living in a constant state of reckless abandon. A stick floating down the river reminded me of my own…

  • My 2022 Reunion Tour

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    Ah, nostalgia. It’s the unavoidable memory of something from your past that strikes you unexpectedly and makes you feel warm inside. Usually this applies to positive experiences — but sometimes it can be painful to remember old times in your past when things weren’t so great. I was thinking about my childhood the other day…

  • Thomas Slatin Quote

    I have always had an obvious aversion to following the well-beaten path. I am a free spirit, a roadless soul with no intentions of ever stopping or even slowing down, through space and time, with sky above and earth below; I am a creation of now. Thomas Slatin

  • The Pride Blogger Tag

    This tag originated on Indiecator; I found out about this tag from a blog I follow called A Geek Girls Guide. Where are you from? What’s your name, age, etc.? Introduce yourself!I am Thomas Slatin (nice to meet you!) I was born and raised in New York, but have moved to Vermont, and plan to…

  • Thomas Slatin Quote

    “Although I have considered writing a novel, my wheelhouse is not in fiction, and even it it were, my writing would center around black forests and wolves, with characters all in half-costume, half-awake, and half gone to seed. When I was younger, I would write in riddles and rhymes, whereas in recent years, I have…

  • Thomas Slatin Quote

    “When I was a little girl, I listed and wrote down my dreams. People laughed at me and said I’d never accomplish any of them. Now that I’ve accomplished every single one, I’m the one who now has the right to laugh.” Thomas Slatin

  • Amelia Desertsong Quote

    Every living creature has a purpose, even if in our limited field of vision that is not at all clear. Whatever divine purpose endows us with our widely varied and often unique cosmic assignments cannot be fully known by even the whole of our impressive, yet still quite unevolved, species of mammal. We can often…

  • Thomas Slatin Quote

    “Every person is a gift, and as such are so much more than their jobs, their possessions, or bloated bank accounts. It seems the more we take, the less we become; the fortune of one can only equate with less for some. Love, the greatest thing in life, and are the feelings of the heart.”…

  • Girl Power

    April 2022

  • Thomas Slatin Quote

    “The most troublesome part about my 178 IQ is the almost daily reminder that not everyone has been gifted with such a high IQ. Watching people fail to learn from their mistakes, notwithstanding that these same people often seek my help and advice, yet fail to apply that advice.” —Thomas Slatin