Where do the home page photos come from?
Photographs change on a regular basis. Click on the photo to view the post it came from.

How can I get in touch with you?
Please email me directly here: tom@tomslatin.com. I cannot gurantee when I will return your email, and sometimes I don’t get around to answering some. The one thing that is for sure is that every email is read by a human.

Who hosts your blog?
I have been using DreamHost for quite some time, and have been extremely happy with their service.

What is this blog all about?
It is about Writing, Photography, and Website Design (and some other stuff). The same is written across the top of the layout. I knew you’d catch on.

Where can I see past posts?
That would be the Archives page. You can also see popular posts from the past day, year, or all time.

Do you accept awards?
Sorry, I choose not to post random awards on my blog. So unless you are DreamHost or some other respectable entity, please kindly nominate someone else who will accept your nomination and post them accordingly.