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Month: April 2014

  • The Tamorack Lodge

    The Tamorack Lodge Greenfield Park, New York, United States of America April 2014

  • Writing Prompt Number 69

    Write about a recent visit to a museum or art gallery.

  • Fortune Cookie Win

    “Smile if you like this fortune cookie.”

  • The Story Of My Life, And Other Ramblings

    It is the story of my life.  All of my life I have spent searching for something that cannot be found.  Something I cannot name.  Something I’m not sure can ever be found, or even exists.  Something that if I found it, I might not even know if it was what I was searching for.

  • Writing Prompt Number 68

    Pick up a random object that has special meaning to you and describe it in as much detail as possible.

  • Developed Film (Circa 2003)

  • Lost In The Pages

    Sometimes I feel as if I am lost in the pages of a book about my own life, filled with the jaded ramblings of a madman.  The world not as it seems as arcane symbolism seeks the truth of higher meaning.

  • Writing Prompt Number 67

    What historical events happened the year you were born?

  • How I Write


    I have already written quotes about why I write, what inspires me to write as well as suggestions and prompts, and I have even given advice to aspiring writers everywhere.  This is how I write.

  • Audio Recording From November 4, 1986

    This is a follow-up to the original post, The Tapes.  This is another tape which I recently converted to digital from a horde of old cassette tapes from my childhood.  This is an audio recording from the morning November 6, 1987.