HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

May 23, 1993

Hey, they’re, Udo!–

Your concern about our well-being is much appreciated.  We are fine for having spent the last two months with colds and allergies that won’t quit.  Some days all we did was eat and sleep.  The ailments (whatever they were) are almost under control.

We have a new grandson, little brother of the grandson named for me.  Daughter-in-law delivers FAST when the time comes.  Last time, for grandson William, forty-five minutes after onset of birth pangs.  This time, one hour.  We were on alert to leap out of bed when telephoned, and rush over to babysit the other three totties while husband sped her to the hospital.  When we arrived they were gone, and a neighbor was on duty.  That night we brought her home.  She always comes home the same day.  We’re wiped out, and she’s organizing the meals for the rest of the week.  We crawled into bed, coughing and wheezing.

Thus, in spite of long silence, I am not communicating with you from another world, and can’t offer any cosmic tips on the market.  However, if you go to the track, bet the tote favorite across the board and avoid anybody called “Turfman.”

Our congratulations to Anne and her Deputy Mayoralty.  We always like to have Friends In High Places, and thought we had it made when Ray Powell ran for governor of New Mexico.  He lost.  We are confident that Anne will not lose.  Next stop:  Albany.  We warn her that Cuomo will try to invoke goombatzie, and she should spurn him.  No off-budget job as an “advisor.”  Tell him to join the Supreme Court and keep a low profile.

We all wondered what happened to the ever-popular Gregg Lukenbill.  The enclosed clipping from The Bee (where else?) tells the whole rotten story.  You will notice that he claims to have “benefited the community,” but doesn’t itemize the benefits.  They were principally to him.  Sacramento’s answer to Donald Trump.  More to follow.

Next Valley Voice, inspired by Daily Rag, in preparation.

Regards to Anne and Thomas (not Bergleitner).

Fred C. (“Cough, Cough”) Dobbs

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