• Photography

    Townhouse For Sale

    The flurries of winter have always had a way of transforming the world, casting a hush over the bustling city streets where I grew up. I stand here now, on the familiar sidewalk of my childhood, gazing at the red-brick facade of the house that cradled all my earliest memories. It’s draped in a delicate veil of snow, each flake a whisper of days gone by. With a deep breath, I capture the scene in my heart, the crisp air mingling with nostalgia. I’ll carry this place with me, not just in my mind, but etched in who I am. I whisper a silent goodbye to the house at 11…

  • Photography

    Windows Over Waverly

    Gazing out of the frosty window, the world seems to be draped in a blanket of silence. Snowflakes have settled upon the branches like delicate lace, each one a tiny artist sculpting the city anew. The buildings across the way, with their sturdy brick facades, stand resolute against the winter’s embrace, their windows like eyes keeping watch over the serene corner of Bank Street and Waverly Place. February 2024

  • Diary

    It’s The Small Everyday Moments That Define Us

    This morning, I find myself awake much too early, the first glimmers of dawn creeping through my curtains before my alarm has even thought to sound. My mind is a whirlwind of thoughts, still echoing with the conversation I had last night. An old friend called, someone who was once a cornerstone of my daily life but has since drifted into the realm of cherished memories. We spent hours on the phone, falling back into our old rhythm as if no time had passed, speaking about the old days. As we reminisced, I was reminded of how the most important things in life are those that hurt, those simple things…

  • Diary

    Reflections On Love, Growth, And The Irony Of Fate

    Recently, I found myself wrapped in the warmth of a familiar conversation, this time with a friend who had recently embarked on the beautiful journey of marriage. It’s funny how life’s moments like these can prompt us to look back on our own paths, the choices we’ve made, and the people who have shaped us. My friend’s newfound happiness brought me back to my own story of love, friendship, and the serendipitous twists of fate that led me to my wife, Amelia. Amelia and I share a bond that many doubted because we are both INFJs. It’s a rare Myers-Briggs personality type, known for its intuition, sensitivity, and empathy. People…

  • Writing

    Embracing Uniqueness

    This morning, as I looked out my bedroom window, a wash of early sunlight coming through the trees, a thought struck me—a thought so compelling, I knew I had to write it all down. Belonging, or more accurately, the lack thereof. In my case, it is the perpetual struggle to do so. Throughout my life, the scrutiny seemed endless. People often questioned everything about me, delving into aspects of my existence that were both personal and, frankly, none of their business. They questioned my sexuality, as if it were a puzzle for them to solve, not a facet of my identity. They doubted my intelligence, undermining my thoughts and contributions…

  • Diary

    Reflections Of A Solitary Soul

    I have always believed that I came into this world alone, a solitary figure marked in constellation. This belief is not born of loneliness but of a profound understanding that, when stripped of all else, my essence remains unaltered, steadfast through the seasons of life. It’s a thought that comforts me in moments of solitude, a reminder that my presence in this world is defined not by the people around me but by the strength within me. My approach to life and work has always been one of profound dedication. When I commit to a task, I pour my heart and soul into it, much like midnight machines that work…

  • Quotes

    Thomas Slatin, On Love Versus A Soulful Connection

    I’ve heard numerous people express their love for me, and it’s sparked some reflection. When someone bares their soul to you in such a heartfelt manner, it’s almost instinctual to feel a profound connection with them. I see this not so much as love in the traditional sense, but as one of the purest forms of human connection—embracing another’s soul. It feels very much like love. Thomas Slatin

  • Cornerstone Content,  Writing

    The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

    It’s a peculiarly early Sunday morning for me, the world outside still shrouded in the quiet darkness of the pre-dawn hours. As I sit here still in bed, a thought lingers in my mind: the more things change, the more they stay the same. This phrase echoes through the generations, each one pointing fingers at the one before, blaming them for the world’s woes. But really, aren’t we all just a continuation of a cycle, a pattern as old as time itself? Our current chapter, the Information Age, has us enthralled with numbers and statistics. Our worth, once measured in character and deeds, is now quantified in likes, followers, and…

  • Writing

    Writing, Photography, And My Life With Amelia

    As I sit here, my fingers poised over the keyboard, I can’t help but feel a wave of exhilaration mixed with a hint of disbelief. Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life, one that is entirely dedicated to my deepest passions: writing, photography, and my beautiful relationship with Amelia. For years, I found myself juggling the demands of a conventional career with my innate desire to create. My days were filled with tasks and responsibilities that, while vitally important, didn’t ignite the spark within me. Each evening, as I sat down to write or sifted through photos from my latest adventure, I felt a surge of…

  • Photography

    All Alone

    My farm is more than just a piece of land; it’s my sanctuary, a place where time gently pauses, inviting me to savor the pure, unadorned beauty of life. The evergreen, all alone and cloaked in its vibrant shades of green, serves as a symbol of hope and rebirth. It reminds me that even in the coldest grip of winter, life perseveres, patiently awaiting the soft, renewing promise of spring.