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Harper Lee Quote


“Delete the adjectives and [you’ll] have the facts.” —Harper Lee

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  1. This is indeed very true. People nowadays just believe all the good things people say, believing more on those good things which could very well be lies and distort our perception between the lies and the truth. We should need to be more open to the fact that in order to better ourselves, we should always be open to that truth that could be very bitter to swallow indeed.

  2. Yeah , objectives come with diverse opinions but to get the fact, you need to take them away and watch come out on their own.

  3. Facts are usually not easy to see especially if we are blinded by the fictional tales that we are used to.

  4. Now this is the time I am lost. For one how can facts form with no adjectives? I know this is a metaphor but facts are statements. laws, rules etc so it is hard if you cannot convey it because a part of the sentence structure is missing. Sorry I am lost on this but it is interesting.

  5. I know facts are discovered when reality sets in, it is the plain truth here but I don’t understand the adjectives though

  6. Though a very funny quote but true. Adjectives just famsing, the fact is abit hidden. Wonderful and simple quote.

  7. So simple a quote but powerful. I love this, just as it is. Thanks for this wonderful quote, my first time of seeing this.

  8. I think that nowadays realism is covered with adjectives, which is why it does not reveal the reality of the facts because they adorn or disguise it with hypocrisy.

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