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If I Could Tell The World Just One Thing, It Would Be…

76/365 - After the sun goes down, by mittelnelee on flickr
76/365 – After the sun goes down, by mittelnelee on flickr

All my life I have meticulously kept detailed writing notebooks chronicling my entire life experiences since childhood.  All the trials and tribulations, triumphs and defeats, rumors and truths; pretty much everything that floats into my mind has been recorded in my notebooks.

Since the dawn of the Internet, the idea of sharing my story in gory detail (i.e. copying the contents of my private journals to an anonymous blog) has been something I have taken into serious consideration lately.  I have seriously considered publicly announcing the details of my childhood sexual abuse, including the name of my abuser [name withheld], and perhaps more importantly, the name of the school that treated it as a joke and did nothing at all to stop it [name withheld].

In life, there are somethings that are better left unsaid, yet many more things that truly need to be said, yet those things that need to be said are usually stuffed away in a place where they never get revealed.  But by bringing these things to light, presented in plain view for all the world to see, what would I get?  Would I be doing something to further the betterment of society, or would I simply get revenge?  And if people were to read what I have written, would any of it really make any sort of difference, if not in my life, then perhaps in the lives of others?


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