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Must Have Debian Linux Apps


This list of must have Debian Linux Apps is far from complete!  This is just a brief overview of a small handful of the thousands of free apps available for Debian Linux!  If your favorite app is not mentioned, please note it in the comments!

  • LibreOffice
    A full, complete, office suite.
  • Firefox
    The only web browser you will ever need.
  • Thunderbird
    The best email client for Linux!
  • Pidgin
    Instant messaging client that works with a multitude of protocols and services.
  • Skype
    For webcam conversations and general telephony.
  • JuK
    The best desktop music player.
  • DigiKam
    The perfect software for digital photography!
  • GIMP
    Professional-grade photo and image editing suite.
  • qBittorrent
    Fantastic torrent client!

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