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Adventure Photographer Thomas W.P. Slatin and model Makayla Martinez team up once again to explore Burlington, Vermont.

Burlington, Vermont is a city often visited in the summer and spring, yet also in the winter with given the city’s art based community, as well as the close proximity to Canada’s border, specifically Montreal. Photographer Thomas W.P. Slatin, as part of the weekly “Travel Series Throughout Vermont,” visited the intriguing and special city this past week, along with Makayla Martinez to show its beauty and intrigue through photographs. Slatin states, “I had asked around upon moving to Vermont about some of the most photogenic and interesting locations to photograph in Vermont. Burlington was a common response, as was Rutland. Having already done a photo shoot in Rutland, Burlington was the next obvious location to visit and photographs.” Next week, readers should check back on Saturday, October 24th for Slatin’s additional photographs from a recent Rutland photo shoot. Each week an interesting and notable city in Vermont will be explored and photographed by renowned adventure photographer Thomas Slatin to be shared with Patch readers through this travel series. Throughout all of Vermont, there are many beautiful and interesting areas from which to choose that fall into that category, Slatin will select some of his favorites each week to share with readers, as discussed through weekly interviews.

Thomas Slatin, wanting to make visiting the beautiful city one that is definitely relatable to readers decided to “document a single typical day” in Burlington, Vermont, illustrated by model Makayla Martinez as she explored some of the shops and businesses on Church Street and various side streets. “Eventually, we made our way to Burlington’s skateboard park, “Andy A_Dog Williams Skate Park,” states Slatin, “Makayla is an avid skateboarder, so needless to say she was in her element.”

When Slatin was asked in a recent interview, “What do you love the most about Burligton,?” he recalled the city’s own “unique vibe.” Continuing, “In Burlington there seems to be a slower pace to life, a comfortable one, and I met a lot of friendly, happy and kind people who simply wanted to talk to me about my photography. I sincerely enjoyed working with model and friend Makayla Martinez again. Makayla’s years of experience as a model make working with her a pleasure.”

Readers who are thinking about visiting Burlington, photographer Thomas Slatin definitely encourage you to do so! Stating, “Burlington, Vermont has everything one could possibly ask for. I especially appreciated the local arts scene, as well as the many street performers who were performing original music on the street. Church Street has a mix of shops and businesses, each unique in their own way. I also like how Burlington has huge murals painted on the sides of a lot of their buildings.”

His favorite element, the people. “I love how wonderful the people are there. Out of all of the people that I photographed, several musicians, nobody objected to me taking their pictures when I asked permission to do so. Whenever I was approached by someone, it was only because they wanted more information about where they could see my photography, states Slatin. Thomas Slatin’s adventure, urban exploration, landscape and portrait photography and extensive blog can be viewed in its entirety on Slatin is also a Getty Images iStock photographer, and his images are available here: There is an indisputable stunning collection of his images on Getty Images iStock, which can be obtained by the general public through a purchase for use; by web designers, and those designing various collateral / promotional materials, for example.

The photographs that are included with this “Travel Series Throughout Vermont’ article and pictorial this week, were taken with Slatin’s Canon 5DSR with a GPS-module attached to allow him to pinpoint the various locations where each photograph was obtained.

Thomas Slatin’s favorite photo from the day trip to document Burlington, Vermont, the man playing the accordion.

Stating, “This man was wandering around Church Street playing an accordion. I motioned to him, and brought his attention to my camera. He couldn’t hear me over the music he was playing, but he nodded enthusiastically, and I took this picture; my favorite of that day for certain.”

Summarizing the trip, the “enormous art presence stood out the most,” and of course the great people. Slatin concludes, “Everywhere you go, it seems that someone is either performing music, or has created something artistic for public display. It is a truly inspiring place to visit. We had stopped into the fire station, as the crew was returning from a call. I had photographed their truck leaving the station earlier in the day. When we saw them returning from the call, they had suggested I visit the skate park with Makayla, and they also mentioned that there would be a lot of interesting backdrops, such as the city skyline and waterfront.”

Model Makayla Martinez recalled her favorite picture of the day, it is the photograph of her sitting on her skateboard, looking at the sky in front of the beautiful mural on South Winooski.

During times where most are not traveling as much as what might be typical, if at all, the weekly “Travel Series Throughout Vermont,” gives readers the opportunity to see various towns and areas in Vermont each week, and what is hopefully an inspiring reprieve to see some beautiful photos, learning about various towns and cities, where readers may one day want to visit – and plan a trip! The next time or perhaps the first time that readers decide to plan a trip to one of Vermont’s beautiful towns or cities, please refer back to these articles and let them be your inspiration for finding joy while traveling and exploring new places.

Check back next Saturday, to explore another Vermont town through the weekly “Travel Series Throughout Vermont.”


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  1. This is very relaxing scene. I wonder what is the guy playing? Never the less good photo as always!!! Thanks!!!

  2. Adventure Photographer Thomas W.P. Slatin and model Makayla Martinez team up once again to explore Burlington, Vermont. I will love to join you two on your next trip.

  3. Urban pictures always look very authentic, It’s amazing how the city elements can tell many stories.

  4. Thomas Slatin’s adventure, urban exploration, landscape and portrait photography are topnotch. This made a good read.

  5. Makayla, having her journey on the streets of Vermont. She is enjoying every place which her smiles show in her picture. An epitome beauty roaming around the busy place.

  6. Burlington looks very nice in the photos, it motivates me to meet him personally, but for now, I’m only satisfied with the beautiful photos.

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