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So Much For An Intellectual Conversation

These days, you’re better off going to Starbucks to have an intelligent conversation with someone, hence the reality of trying to discuss current events on Twitter…

It all started with this post by CNN.

@cnnbrk 12 arrested at Trump Tax March after violence breaks out in Berkeley, California.

@Matt3756 Boy this is solving alot. Teaching our youth such good things…. 😑

@dabearcub2003 Protesting will always be here it’s a great feeling to be around others with the same cause. Fights? NSM, #CreateAMemorie

And my reply to @dabearcub2003 and @Matt3756 was the tweet that pushed someone too far.

@twps Protests are a constitutional right in the United States, but violence itself and/or looting or destruction of property, is unacceptable.

@dabearcub2003 It’s nice of you to like your own post to bring more attention to it.

@twps And so nice of you to not only quickly jump to that sophomoric conclusion, but to tweet about it, contributing nothing to the conversation.

@dabearcub2003 “Mommy? Daddy?” “Yes son?” “I’m down on myself how do I create a bigger ego?” “Well son like you’re own tweets so more people can notice!”

@twps Okay the reality check is that I ♥ things to bookmark them.

@dabearcub2003 First it’s called push notifications, second it’s hilarious when people like their own comments. That’s what kids do buddy. Mentality check?

@twps Says some random person who has less than 1% of my followers.

@dabearcub2003 I’m not trying to get followers. I like who I like, if they follow me back big whoop. I pretty much use this for DM’s and stalk @Matt3756

@twps To each their own, I suppose.

@dabearcub2003 I see you forgot to like one of your tweets by the way! Just reminding you

@twps Thanks so much for letting me know.

@dabearcub2003 Are your replies getting shorter because you’re hoping to end it and win by having the last word?

@twps No, I’m feeding this conversation because I’m going to use it as fodder for my writing later.

@dabearcub2003 Well I’m actually done anyways. Kids are to bed and time to set up the area for when the comes tonight

@twps Thanks, I’ll be posting this fascinating conversation on my blog tomorrow.

@dabearcub2003 Lmfao awesome have fun with that. I hope many ♥ it


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