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    Introducing A Curated Collection Of Amelia Desertsong’s Finest Poems

    I’m thrilled to announce the release of “Take My Hand and Lead Me Through the Fire,” a carefully curated collection featuring over 120 of my wife’s most exceptional poems. My wife, Amelia Desertsong hopes to touch countless hearts with her evocative and poignant verse. Her poems delve into the depths of human emotions, exploring themes of love, loss, hope, and resilience. “Take My Hand” is a beautiful journey through the vast landscape of Amelia’s creative genius, showcasing her uncanny ability to bring words to life and evoke the most profound emotions in her readers. This stunning poetry collection promises to be a timeless treasure for both avid poetry enthusiasts and…

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    My Uncle Grant

    My Uncle Grant; not only family, but my also best friend. He passed away much too soon, leaving me behind. I will never forget the fun times we shared; the rides in the car, the trips to Toys-R-Us, and our life long friendship. I wish you were here because I miss you already.

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    Standing at the crossroads of an old road and railroad track. Cars and rolling stock cross no more only the view of the old river and the restless river at my back. Standing by the water’s edge I see only trees the distant relics old days gone by of roads and railroad track.

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    Boarding School

    Books open our eyes to the wonders of the outside. We as students can never see the outside, just the endless forest cut short by the state road. There are but no fences, be it only landmarks connected by imaginary lines. Lines that we may never cross This is boarding school a prison without bars.

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    Blame Me

    Who am I to which you blame? Have I not helped you in every way I can? And now you accuse me of abuse. That which you have done to me all along. And now I am stricken with despair. What am I to do… you lie and cheat. And all I can do is sit and weep. When it was I who helped you all along. Now I know the truth you tried so hard to hide. I hate you! I hate you! I hate you and I shall never see your face again.

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    A Hundred Patients

    A hundred patients. A million stories. An ambulance crew and a lonely EMT; they’ve seen and heard it all. If only they were allowed to tell. A hundred fires. A million calls. All of them but silent heroes; if only they were allowed to tell.