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    Thomas Slatin, On Love Versus A Soulful Connection

    I’ve heard numerous people express their love for me, and it’s sparked some reflection. When someone bares their soul to you in such a heartfelt manner, it’s almost instinctual to feel a profound connection with them. I see this not so much as love in the traditional sense, but as one of the purest forms of human connection—embracing another’s soul. It feels very much like love. Thomas Slatin

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    I Have Been A Lot Different

    I have always been a little different. Even as a young child, when other girls were content with playing princesses and tea parties, I found myself more engrossed in embarking on imagined adventures, climbing trees, and dreaming of the vast, untouched world beyond my backyard. It was a divergence that sometimes isolated me, a tiny ripple in the fabric of conformity that set me apart. Yet, I cherished this difference. I nurtured it. Even then, I understood it as a flame, a flicker of an identity that was distinctively, and blatantly unapologetically, mine. Sky above me, Earth below me, a fiery passion forever burning within me. Thomas Slatin Throughout my…

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    The Fervor Of True Love

    The fervor of true love is not to be mistaken for the mere fluttering of the heart, as it goes far beyond the physical realm. True love becomes the palpable feelings of the heart which binds souls together, as closely woven as the petals in a peony’s embrace. It is the whispers of a thousand winds telling tales of unity; it is the laughter of the stars above, cascading in melodies only the heart understands. Thomas Slatin

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    Belong, Reprise

    As daylight’s moments unfurl into resplendent hours, time dances before us. Whenever I gaze upon the looking glass, a vision of my own feminine essence greets me; a whimsical whisper of self twirling gracefully upon the carousel’s edge, wrapped in a riddle of endless wonder. Thomas Slatin, Only The Moon Understands The Beauty Of Love

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    “Almost,” the quiet sentinel of uncharted realms, where wishes become like fireflies dancing in the twilight of our yearning, casting a glow upon the silhouettes of our unattained desires. It is a word that lingers, etched upon our hearts like the fading ink of a love letter never sent, a token of the times we dared to dream but were held back by the gravity of reality. In the gardens of life, “almost” grows like a vine, winding its way through the tangled branches of our aspirations, seeking out the light of what could be, while casting shadows upon the blossoms of our achievements. It is the quiet rustle of…

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    The Sun And Moon Pirouette In Eternal Harmony

    In the grand mosaic of the cosmos, a delicate dance unfolds, as the sun and moon pirouette in eternal harmony. The sun is a luminous beacon, graciously bathing the moon in its radiant glow, asking for nothing in return. This celestial ballet paints the night sky with ethereal hues, a testament to the boundless beauty of nature’s embrace. This poignant union whispers to our very souls, urging us to weave threads of kindness and selflessness into the fabric of our own lives. For in this cosmic tale of light and shadow, we find an inspiring allegory, a call to cherish the delicate balance that breathes life into our relationships and…

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    The Enduring Power Of Love

    The sky was a canvas of pastel hues, as the sun descended in a final blaze of glory. The moon, a luminescent orb, rose slowly into the night, casting a mystical glow upon the earth. As the stars twinkled in the inky blackness, the moon and the sun shared a timeless embrace, a dance of light and shadow, of warmth and coolness, of life and death. For though the sun’s fiery passion was spent, its legacy burned on in the soft radiance of the moon, a testament to the enduring power of love. Thomas Slatin, Only The Moon Understands The Beauty Of Love

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    Thomas Slatin Quote About Isolation

    I grew up in a world that didn’t understand me, and in some ways, it still doesn’t. Throughout my childhood, I was always reading, and always looking for answers in the books I loved so much. It seems that I was isolated to the point that I might as well have lived in the mouth of a whale with my notebooks and a candle. Thomas Slatin

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    Thomas Slatin Quote On Greater Understanding

    This morning, I ran to the water, took all my clothes off, stood at the waters edge and gazed awhile in the solace of silence. I took a deep breath, still burdened with the memories of living in a constant state of reckless abandon. A stick floating down the river reminded me of my own life, where everyone warned me that if I left, life would beat me down. The stick, such as my life will inevitably get bashed among the rocks, experiencing highs and lows, might eventually be rewarded by one day finding the ocean. Everyone stayed while I went away. I was pushed to my breaking point many…