• kiesha

    Yeah, agree! Writing is never been easy. It can be mind-blogging and draining. Yet if it your passion, then you’ll love what you do.

  • Oyeyipo Oladele

    Writing should be fun if appreciated with recommendations and rewards. But Tom, you are handsome for real. I love this picture, its downloaded and saved on my gadget already.

  • brainedet

    Slatin your quote is really on point. The writing career is a lucrative one but until you get into it, you can’t really know how mental sapping it is.

  • miakayuuki2012

    Not just in writing but everything really is not easy in life if you think about it. That is life. The only thing that is easy is being a kid since your parents are there. When one becomes an adult. The real game begins.

  • esgyll

    Writing is really a hard calling to follow. And I agree that, despite what it is, writing has the power to uplift lives, make people laugh, make people cry, make people ponder about a lot of things that otherwise would be terrifying to face alone. Truly, writing is such a wonderful gift, and I appreciate and am very thankful that the writers’ woven words are there to always help me when I just feel that the entire world is against me.

  • Danielle M

    I agree, it must be rewarding, specially ’cause not evrybody has the talent for writting and people expect a lot of the books they read.

  • Maury Cheskes

    The road less traveled is often the most rewarding. Writers are generally innovators with unique perspectives on life and individuality. The fact that it’s difficult means it requires hard determination and self discipline.

  • saviourv

    A life well-lived isn’t exactly be an easy thing to achieve, but yeah, like you mentioned, Tom, it can be most enjoyable when all your efforts bear fruit. I pray that your life’s efforts will continuously bear the most succulent fruit, as you go on through its path.

  • sidd

    Yea for me I believe its rewarding having tried writing before its not an easy job actually, Congrats to you Tom. Great articles and good work.

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