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Waterfalls’ Fury


A waterfall surrounded by large rocks;
who would dare
to venture too close?
Only to be swept away
by the dangerous
yet beautiful fury
of rushing waters.
I myself venture here.
Alas, I merely sit among the rocks
just beyond the waters reach.
So close to the rushing waters
yet totally safe among the rocks.
Still I am anything but safe;
I am still left vulnerable
to the rushing waters
of life.

14 responses to “Waterfalls’ Fury”

  1. I love water falls and love spending my leisure there. Last holiday was spent there. Lovely write up

  2. It’s like you said, waterfalls are beautiful fury, I love to watch them but I wouldn’t like to be so close especially ’cause I don’t know how to swim.

  3. Very beautiful bu sight but dangerous when carelessly handled. I love water fall, we have one here with both hot and cold water together

  4. Oh yeah I love waterfalls. It can be very intriguing to the body and wonderful to the soul. Nce poem

  5. Seems like an angry waterfall. This is nature if you ask me. One time it can be calm the other it can be ruthless. This why we should respect it. For when it unleashes its furry we loose.

  6. Same here am still left vulnerable
    to the rushing waters but it feels good to be around it and see it grumbling

  7. Waterfalls fury can be related to real life. Challenges and problems are the rocks that surround us but despite of them, life is so beautiful to live and enjoy.

  8. Nothing can stay the inevitable rush of the waterfalls of life. It stays out of reach, but once you venture too close, you might get swept away by it if you don’t have something to hold on to.

  9. I have never been to a waterfall before, but from what I have seen on TV, it sure shows how forcefull the water can be. It is best to be at safe position.

  10. However, I have not gone to such a place where I can enjoy the waterfall beauty. I am amazed by seeing just virtually sometimes, It will be great if I visit that place. The water hitting the rocks and the atmosphere around is very relaxing.

  11. There is a waterfall going by the name Thompsons falls. It is full of rocks and no one can dare go very near.

  12. Very insightful and great symbology. While waterfalls are beautiful to look at, you can’t help but wonder what it would feel like to venture closer and be amidst its power. Great metaphor for life and our vulnerability to obstacles out of our control.

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