Name something you would like to devote more time to seeing or doing.

20 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Number 77

  1. I would love to spend more time doing something with my kids. It just seems like they are growing up too fast and i am missing it all.

  2. I would love to spend time with my kids. I would like to watch them grow but since I work far from them, I only get to see them twice a week. Only in my RD’s, but if given a chance, I would like to work in oir hometown where I can be with them moat of the time.

  3. I love being on I love to devote more time practicing in order to hone my skill…

  4. I want to devote myself into programming. I want to learn coding properly and to understand it. Instead of wishing it, I will do it starting today!

  5. I’m currently studying. In the future I would like to devote more of my time building my career, especially working with children, to a point where I become a professional at it.

  6. Personally i would like to devote more time to serving my God. I think over the past i have not been doing enough of praising and that has resulted in unexplained things in my life.

  7. I would devote more time helping people in my community. I believe in giving back to make it a better world.

  8. I will love to travel around the world. This is my obsession. I just to see and explore other environments. It will be my utmost accomplishment.

  9. I will like to devote my time to helping humanity. I like seeing everyone happy it would be a whole lot of positivity for me.

  10. My dream. Though that may be a broad thing but that is okay. To me dreams whatever form they take are worth devoting time and effort.

  11. I would like to devote more time writing and reading. I feel like I am too lazy to do both things.

  12. I would like to devote outdoor activities like sports rather than online games. Children nowadays are getting addicted to gadgets.

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