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2011 Honor Flight

Photos of the 2011 Honor Flight trip to Washington, DC.

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6 responses to “2011 Honor Flight”

  1. Hi! I met you today at the WWII Memorial! I was with the Honor Flight Historic Triangle (bright yellow shirts)! I wanted to tell you again that it was a great pleasure meeting you and your father!! He is a true hero!! I am thankful to have met him today!!!

    Amy Lockhart

    • Amy – The pictures will be posted tomorrow, all 70+ of them! It was a long day, and each one takes about a minute and a half each to post.


  2. Thank you for taking and sharing these photos from the trip. My Dad really enjoyed Your
    Dad, and looks forward to getting together to keep up the chatting. Great shots of the trip.
    Franks daughter, Francine

  3. Tom – thanks for being so attentive to this. I thoroughly enjoyed the day with our Veterans and all the guardians. I have many memories and these photos taken by you really add to it. Thanks for everything!!
    I loved meeting you, your dad and all the vets! Liz

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