• Miaka Yuuki

    This looks like you had a great time. Congratulations on your family. We are planning to have a reunion soon. Perhaps on a beach or a dinner together.

  • Obalade Damilola

    I don’t know why I don’t have a thing for reunions.. I don’t go for reunions..it’s not my thing

  • esgyll

    You must have very fond and happy memories from this reunion. You must be glad to have caught all these memories in pictures and now you can treasure them forever.

  • jolly555

    Nothing is as awesome as having your family together after a long time of being out there for work. I love fun reunion like this.

  • brainedet

    This is celebration of family. I had mine last year it was fun having the extended family here with me Good one

  • Bridget

    Amazing shots for storing beautiful memories.
    I cannot get over the clarity of the photos. Truly amazing.

  • Rae

    What a lovely reunion you guys have! I wish I could have a cute reunion just like that. Amazing photos as usual!

  • Papoy Jep

    I love reunions. These are the times you see relatives you don’t see very often. And also a dreaded time for a single person because everyone asks you when you’ll get married.

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