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December 2015

24 responses to “209”

  1. What shatter this glass door this way. it looks like a thing was thrown at it out of anger. But the photography is artistic

  2. I just hope nothing bad happened in this room. I hope this room was destroyed by natural causes and no one tried to do something bad.

  3. Trying to imagine what happened here. Was it a riot or a break in? I do hope no one was injured during the course of whatever happened there.

  4. I was curious if what happen to that place? It looks like that stones where thrown at that door. So much broken glasses everywhere. Like it was really intentional, for those who did that.

  5. Did someone broke in? It sure looks like it. What happened in there? I just hope that anybody using this room is safe. Pretty grim shot I should say.

  6. This looks like a students locker, damaged and properties might be taken away. I remember this happening in my high school days.

  7. I was wondering if what it means by 209 and came to found out that its all about the broken glasses. I just wonder if the glass where just stone by someone else or because of an earthquake. I hope nobody was hurt during the incident.

  8. Okay, that’s a house or whatever place that is, is something I definitely wouldn’t want to visit. The door looks scary enough, not to mention those pieces of broken and almost breaking glass look ready to slice anyone who’s foolish enough to try opening the door that way on a dare.

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