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Ever since I wrote the post 80 Journal Writing Prompts, folks have been asking me for more.  While I’ve taken a break from writing lists of writing topics, in the mean time I thought it would be better to write a list of blog post ideas.  Of course, any one of the journal writing prompts could be used for a blog, but any experienced blogger will tell you that there are only so many posts one can write about their cat or their the details of their personal lives before their readers get bored.

  1. Use your job to inspire you. Hate your job?  Don’t quit.  Use hardships and disappointment to your advantage.
  2. Make an interesting list of blog posts.  Also called speedlinking.  Backlinks are a helpful boost to your traffic.
  3. Review products. If you’re lucky, doing this every now and again can get you free stuff to review.  Trust me on this one.
  4. Photograph everything. A good photographer doesn’t go anywhere without their camera.  Photograph things that inspire you, and use the pictures on your blog.
  5. Video! If you have a video camera, use it!
  6. Pet Peeves. Make a list of your pet peeves and the little annoyances of life.
  7. Start with a title. Often times, writers will title their piece before coming up with a title.  Try the opposite; come up with a catchy title before writing your piece.
  8. “Go To” your blog inspiration. Instead of sitting around trying to come up with an idea, try going to an interesting place near where you live, and write about it on-location.
  9. Watch the news. All of the current events and happenings are generally covered in the news; writing a post about current events is a great way to stay…  Well…  Current!
  10. Ask your readers. If you’re stuck, or need a lot of ideas in a hurry, try asking your readers for ideas.
  11. Mention friends, family, and folks you know. If you know other bloggers in real life (folks you’ve met physically, in person), write blog posts that mention their blogs in some way.
  12. Show off your talents or skills. Do you know how to do something exceptionally well?  Blog about it!
  13. Read an eBook. Chris Garrett has written this great eBook about coming up with great headlines.
  14. Guide us! Write a guide to doing something lots of people want to learn how to do that you are already an expert at doing.
  15. On the road again…! Write a travelogue, a guide to travel, or a story of your recent travels.  Check out this Wikipedia article.
  16. Be an amateur reporter. Pretend you’re a newspaper reporter.  Blog about something in your community.
  17. Cover an obscure subject. Some subjects are sought after, but for whatever reason, rarely written about.  Write about one such topic.
  18. Exploit Google Trends. Check out Google Trends to see what folks are looking for and talking about.  Write something that everyone is talking about before they start talking about something else.
  19. Visit a library. When I was younger, I used to visit the local library every weekend and wander around until I came across a random book that grabbed my interest.
  20. Gain insight. Talk to those around you.  Sometimes everyday get-togethers can lead to some great blog posts.  Change the names, dates, and locations if you have to.
  21. Start a Podcast! If you’ve heard traditional broadcast radio, you have the basic format for a podcast.  Record things as MP3 files, and post them to your blog.
  22. List useless facts. Although websites of nothing more than useless facts got its great debut in the 90’s, blog posts of useless facts still remain quite popular, especially if you dig up some obscure but true facts.
  23. Check out Flickr. Lots of photos are available on Flickr, many of which allow posting on blogs.  Use these for your inspiration, and include them with your blog posts.
  24. Seek out other prompts. Use the 80 Journal Writing Prompts to inspire you.  Adapt the prompts to use for blog posts.
  25. Buy this book. If all else fails, this book might be your answer. No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog

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