365 Photography Challenge

Rexmere Lodge (Edit)
Rexmere Lodge (Edit)

A few years ago, someone created the 365 Photography Challenge; a challenge to take one picture, every day, for an entire year.  In 2011, I tried to take a photo of myself every day, with limited success; before I take a photo, I have to be inspired by something truly amazing, or something that captures my interest.  This challenge has inspired a few groups on Flickr, like this one, as well as a plethora of blog posts tagged with 365 Challenge.  Presented here are links to some truly awe-inspiring 365 Photography Challenge posts.

  1. Daily Repeat 2 #100: Heartstrings
  2. Chandler Day 1: My Tools
  3. Day 11: Sunny Times
  4. 14-365
  5. Finale
  6. Day 8: Nostalgia
  7. Day 12: Tristful
  8. Flash Back
  9. Chandler Day 13: You Are Beautiful
  10. Day 11: January 14 2014
  11. January 2, 2014


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