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June 2017

12 responses to “875”

  1. I wonder why these numbers were engraved here, because it seems like an old sculpture. Te green plants are so beautiful though.

  2. This is a nice picture.. What I don’t know is what that thing looks like a wheel or something of sort

  3. The photo itself is beautiful, with the bright shade of green colors, contrasting with the old sculpture. Lovely photo.

  4. I love the rust and the green in this pic. It kind of looks like a landmine for a lost treasure hunt. Enticing pic as always. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Looks like an abandoned sign. Maybe it was from the rail station or from a special place in the past.

  6. Love the contrast of the plants against the wall. Also love the aging wall and the half buried engraving.

  7. Looks like it has not been taken care of. Inspite of that, it has a good effect. It looks like a vintage one. Great with contrasting colors.

  8. It looks like a coin or a gateway to somewhere??? Makes me wonder how can you shoot this? Do you go to locations?

  9. Those numbers might symbol the address number of the place. It looks like it. Anyways, great photo you got!

  10. I have tried to examine the round thing that looks like a big coin written 875 but i cant make out what it is exactly. But i have to say i have enjoyed the picture itself.

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