• jolly555

    I love the ambience of this drowning. Everywhere green and natural. This is a perfect shot for a place like this.

  • Grace K

    Does anyone live here? I would be scared to live in a house sorounded by this bushes, who knows what might be living there. But the photo looks amazing.

  • Janet

    I wonder who used to live here in such a lonely and isolated place. It’s just one house, maybe it was for an adventurous person who was out to explore.

  • Mayou

    Seeing this photo makes me think if this house is already abandoned or not. Its environment looks so cool.

  • Obalade Damilola

    The title goes well with the picture… The house is an abandoned house that is tearing apart (drowning) and the plants covering it makes it look beautiful..

  • brainedet

    Drowning beautifully and you capture it right even though it was suppose to be a kind of disaster but putting it lightly it still looks good.

  • Miaka Yuuki

    This really happens if nature is left unchecked. I have watched Life after people and in there it shows that without humans things like this will happen. The Earth will regress back to its earlier state.

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