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A Beautiful Drowning


September 2016

16 responses to “A Beautiful Drowning”

  1. I love the ambience of this drowning. Everywhere green and natural. This is a perfect shot for a place like this.

  2. Does anyone live here? I would be scared to live in a house sorounded by this bushes, who knows what might be living there. But the photo looks amazing.

  3. I wonder who used to live here in such a lonely and isolated place. It’s just one house, maybe it was for an adventurous person who was out to explore.

  4. Seeing this photo makes me think if this house is already abandoned or not. Its environment looks so cool.

  5. That green color is inviting. It makes the photo look so beautiful. I love such clear shots.

  6. The title goes well with the picture… The house is an abandoned house that is tearing apart (drowning) and the plants covering it makes it look beautiful..

  7. Drowning beautifully and you capture it right even though it was suppose to be a kind of disaster but putting it lightly it still looks good.

  8. Looks like someone forgot to do their garden trimming. It makes for a beautiful scene though!

  9. The house and nature have merged to become one. It’s such a delightful sight to see. 🙂

  10. This really happens if nature is left unchecked. I have watched Life after people and in there it shows that without humans things like this will happen. The Earth will regress back to its earlier state.

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