June 2018

15 thoughts on “A Distant Ship On The Horizon

  1. It looks like a tanker which is a let down ha ha. I kinda expected a pirate ship but this will do. For a change you have a bright subject as suppose to a gloomy one.

  2. I think this is the best photograph I have ever seen in my entire life about ship on the sea like this. I always wonder if you started this photography work right in there from your mother’s womb. Your are sure a brilliant and creative fellow. The picture quality is cool, clear and perfect. Thanks my Mentor.

  3. It looks beautiful. I can’t imagine how does it feel to be in a boat like that when the day late in the afternoon.

  4. I always liked seeing ships or boats on the horizon. They speak to me of an adventure beyond it where I want to go to.

  5. I wish I can be in that cruise ship. It would be amazing! You captured the photo really well and the weather is just beautiful.

  6. The sky is magnificent here and because the setting is so clear the ship really stands out and has a powerful presence. Thanks for the pic. I like that it captures something different from your previous work.

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