Thomas Slatin

This post was inspired by this list of 100 Character Quirks; some of these are actually quite amusing.  While researching the topic, I also came across this message board thread.  This is a list of my geeky real-life character quirks.

  • I will put my seatbelt on whenever I move my car for any reason, even if it’s in a parking lot or fast food drive-through.
  • I prefer books that have notes taken in them, especially if the notes are from someone else.
  • Whenever I eat a meal, I either eat the entrée one food item at at a time, alternatively I mix the entire entrée into a big heap and dig in.
  • I take very well-organized and detailed notes on everything I find interesting in my life, regardless of how insignificant this practice may be to others.
  • I have a habit of mentally correcting and critiquing what other people say/write/do.
  • I will carry a notebook, digital camera, netbook, and at least two pens with me at all times, whenever possible.
  • Anytime I write on paper, I do so using blue ink only.
  • I prefer to be barefoot whenever possible.
  • I have a small collection of traffic cones, signs, and other traffic control devices (all acquired legally).
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