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A Haunting Refrain

January 2016

25 responses to “A Haunting Refrain”

  1. This place looks very weird to me due to the way things are situated. It seems like a place for selling of tyres.

  2. This place seems to be a godown of tyres. wondering why these chairs are kept here just like it is a picnic spot.

  3. This is not a good place, everything scattered about, no proper care at all. Really not a fit for me to stay.

  4. What is going on here? All I see is a shed filled with tyres and very unkempt at that. Please can the place be tidied up.

  5. Oh wow, the place is perfect to film a horror scene. I wonder what was the purpose to collect those tires.

  6. I think this garage owner is set with tires for life! I find it really funny how there’s an umbrella and picnic table sitting in the middle.

  7. Wow for a junk yard this looks good and very clean. at that wow!!! This looking like a studio. Again your skill in photos are insane. Very good photo wow.

  8. I can just imagine the smell this place would have on a very hot day. Old tires, the smell of old rubber – I’m going to have a very huge headache and need to run out of this room fast.

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