• David Mureithi

    We don’t experience such cold seasons here. Here, very cold seasons last for about 1 week with temperature between 2-4 celsius.

  • Obalade Damilola

    This is indeed a a very cold temperature.. I know nobody will stay in that house..lovely pics..I love snow

  • jolly555

    I love the month of December I wish it could be longer than it is. I just the festivity and everything it has got to offer.

  • esgyll

    December is still so far away. Too bad we don’t have snow here. The shot makes me think of a gingerbread house with tons of icing sugar on it.

  • photography1257

    Gives a feeling of nostalgia in some way. Even though it is dilapidated, it still reminds you of home.

  • Brandy

    It’s the best month of the year, full of activities, events and celebrations. Its also the time you meet with your cousins and play all day long.

  • Jerry

    I love the design of the house. Whoever designed it must have had a great picture in mind to work with. It looks like such a lovely home for a large family.

  • Miaka Yuuki

    We do not have snow here but I would love to see one. I am gonna be on the US someday and experience it.

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