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A Million Years Before The Fall

A Million Years Before The Fall

March 2020

34 responses to “A Million Years Before The Fall”

  1. It’s an old creepy barn on the field that produce are kept after harvest. Lovely caption, the sky looks funny with this effect

  2. This is beautiful even when the barn is abandoned. The effect choice give the cloud a creepy look. Great output as usual Tom

  3. Wow…I don’t know how you do it but the way you capture images is incredible.. Great picture… I love it

  4. It looks like a dramatic shot of an upcoming apocalypse indeed. I can almost hear the low key creepy wind howling in the background.

  5. I just love the lighting effects of this photo. The photo really is very unique looking.

  6. The sun obscured by the house creates the most beautiful effect. This is simply a masterpece.

  7. Indeed this photo appears to have been taken just before the fall. The title is absolutely fitting.

  8. The house seems to have a tilt to it. It looks like it could come crumbling down any time. The photo itself does look awesome.

  9. If my house will look like this after a million years that would be a miracle. Come to think of it. What will happen to Earth after a million years? I would not be here to see it for sure.

  10. I love how the clouds seem to follow the direction of the house. The placement of the setting sun on the right provides a fitting “filler” for the entire image. Such a composition is what you would call ‘art’.

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