• AMAN

    It looks like a pic of the train running in the olden days. It seems like a train that functioned on coal as fuel.

  • Alex

    Well good for it. We still have these in most 3rd world countries like mine for example. It is good for transporting cargo and is very nostalgic to be honest. I was able to ride these as a kid.

  • Wilson Jake

    Though very old train but this effect make my heart love this work. What a great choice of effect. Lovely

  • Rae

    Amazing photo as always. Trains have always fascinated me ever since I was a kid. I’ve always wondered where they are headed to.

  • Maury Cheskes

    I liked the blurred portions of the photo and the well defined ones. Great lighting scheme and color contrasts. I can understand your fixation with trains because they’re so exciting to look at.

  • Wv2s

    I can see that it is a great train, I wonder when I will be able to see it and make use of its facilities, at the moment it cannot be due to the pandemic.

  • esgyll

    Oh, I could almost hear the train rushing its way through that track. It’s definitely something that would make me just stand there and watch it go by.

  • Chiz

    I love how the blending of this photo make it looks like a vintage. I wonder how it feels to live back to that era.

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