A Nostalgic Tour Of Places From My Childhood

Stamford Central School, 1 River Street, Stamford, New York, USA.

I attended Stamford Central School for a period of five years, spanning from grade 3 to grade 7. My favorite teacher, Mrs. Hubbard taught here and she was my 4th grade teacher.

The Gallery, 128 Main Street, Stamford, New York, USA.

This was my friend Timothy Touhey’s gallery. We were friends my entire adult life, and he was a talented artist and musician.

157 West Main Street, Stamford, New York, USA.

When I was a little girl, I met Allen Ginsberg at this house for the first time at a dinner party where he proceed to read the poem Howl. Allen became a family friend, and later on, he mentored me, encouraging me to dedicate my life to my writing.

169 West Main Street, Stamford, New York, USA.

This was the house of my family friends, Frank & Carol Bell. Frank and Carol were like grandparents to me, and I spent hours watching Frank run his model trains. On several occasions, they would take me to model train shows.

16 South Street, Stamford, New York, USA.

This is the former home of Ellen and Clayton Wayman. Ellen was like a grandmother to me and was a family friend.

Harpersfield General Store, Corner of Wilcox Road and NY-23, Harpersfield, New York, USA.

When I was a little girl, my friends parents would drive us up the road to this general store. My friend and I would ride in the bed of the family pickup truck during the short ride, and we would often walk back to my friends house.

234 Wilcox Road, Harpersfield, New York, USA.

This was where my childhood best friend lived with his family. I spent many nights staying in the upstairs bedroom, in the left corner. As my friend and I grew, we would play in the fields surrounding this house. When the family added a deck and an above ground pool, my friend and I would swim here. We placed a CB antenna (left side of the house) on the side wall and would talk to other people in the area. As we got older, we built a go-kart in the barn, tended to the family livestock, and even tried to restore an old Ford Fairlane. His family moved away, sold the house, and my friend and I lost touch with one another.

March 29, 2023


  • Amelia Desertsong

    Since we went on this photographic tour of Stamford, I’ve considered going back to my hometown of Weymouth to see just how it’s fared in the decade since I’ve toured it; I saw bits and pieces of it during the pandemic, and it wasn’t how I remembered it. Of course, there’s also Brockton, where I lived for most of my life, but I split my youth fairly evenly between Weymouth and Brockton; I was actually born in Weymouth. They are very different places, even being only about a dozen miles apart. Those could make very interesting photo essays, just like this one!

    • Thomas Slatin

      Of course I do! They used to give us kids store credit any time we were a little short on our purchases. It was the kind of service that sadly doesn’t exist anymore. 🙁

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