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A Visit To The Catskill Game Farm


The Catskill Game Farm was opened in 1933 by Roland Lindemann, and was still owned by the Lindemann family, as Catskill Game Farm Inc. at the time of its closing. At first, it held only deer, donkeys and sheep. In 1958, the United States Department of Agriculture recognized Catskill as a zoo, and it became the first privately-owned venture to achieve such status. The collection was now allowed to grow more exotic and at the time of its closing played host to roughly 2,000 animals from over 150 species, imported from around the world.

The zoo spanned more than 914 acres (370 ha), most of which was used to breed animals for other zoos worldwide. Only about 136 acres (55 ha) was available for public viewing, and then only in the summer and autumn.

On August 2, 2006, the Catskill Game Farm announced that it would be closing on Columbus Day of that year, ending its 73-year run. Its owners attributed the closing to mounting financial difficulties, dropping attendance, and legal regulations leading to the shutdown of its Splashdown attraction, though Splashdown itself never violated regulations.

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20 responses to “A Visit To The Catskill Game Farm”

  1. I wish it didn’t have to close. I’ve had some great memories here when I was growing up.

  2. Its sad that the Catskilll Game had to close down, despite its contribution to conservation of nature. I love those deer that are so friendly and not even afraid of people.

  3. Beautiful game farm you have here. I’m adventurous and I love to visit game farms for sight seeing and adventures if any.

  4. I have never heard of the catskill game farm though.. Too bad they had to close down due to financial difficulties.. Maybe government ought to have come to their rescue..tourism is one area that most countries don’t tap from..

  5. Can’t just remember the last time I visited the zoo. Work as taken over my entire being. You have fantastic photos for posterity.

  6. I love going to farms and be amazed with the animals there. My nephew would love it too.

  7. Wow such a nice place. I wish we have a farm as well but we are in the city so its unlikely.

  8. Even from the photos this Catskill Game farm looks amazing. I love the friendly nature of all these animals around here.

  9. What kind of deer are thees that are not even afraid of people? It looks like an amazing pace to visit with your family.

  10. The camel and the giraffe are totally amazing! Those are the two animals I wish I could see in real life.

  11. Sounds like a cheerful spot. That’s too bad it’s closing, but at least you got some solid time in beforehand. Thanks for sharing.

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