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A Wretched Mess

A Wretched Mess


11 responses to “A Wretched Mess”

  1. A mess is an understatement. If this is a garden house then by all means be messy because we are dealing with plants. Storage house perhaps? This needs a lot of fixing if you want these to be beautiful.

  2. The black and white edit could do justice to covering the large portion of this mess because it really unpleasant to the eyes. You took a good angle of it.

  3. Abandoned structure with personal belongings. Really a lot of $s will be spent to put this in shape. detailed picture I most say

  4. This room is an abandoned and looks so wretched. Something must have lead to this. Well I love the photography work.

  5. This is really a mess, I’m just wondering what went on here . You took a good shot still to cover the mess.

  6. This is a wretched mess that looks like it may have come from a typhoon. How do you find all these places?? You have an eye for the disorderly.

  7. Everything looks very cluttered and dusty. It’s giving me a mild case of rhinitis just looking at the picture. It will definitely be a challenge to clean for me.

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