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Aaron River Reservoir, Wompatuk State Park

September 2020

21 responses to “Aaron River Reservoir, Wompatuk State Park”

  1. I really miss swimming in any body of water. It’s seems that months is like a century for me.

  2. Oh wow, what a wild and amazing view. I love the colors, the topic and the angle that you choose to tske the pitcure. Brilliant

  3. It looks beautiful, strange and unique to this image. Especially with the rocks there, which appear to be arranged in a certain pattern.

  4. How I love unique parks just like the one in this photo. it really look awesome and it looks like a place I will love to visit

  5. It would be nice to be able to spend some free time here. Images of natural landscapes can always amaze everyone.

  6. Parks are a jolly place for relaxation. I like getting into any to have a peaceful time. It a nice chilling place.

  7. I imagine this is looking pristine right now since there are no people around. Nature showing its beauty for sure. Where is this though?

  8. This is what a well maintained reservoir ought to look like. Kudos to the people who maintain it.

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