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Abandoned Adirondack Hunting Cabin

Abandoned ADK Hunting Cabin (1)For many years, I have been waiting to explore this abandoned Adirondack hunting cabin.

12 responses to “Abandoned Adirondack Hunting Cabin”

  1. This is what can be called cabins in ruins. I really wondered what really happened to it. You captured all of it.

  2. This is badly abandoned but the photographer makes some beauty show forth. Nice picture and wonderful lightening

  3. You can always find beauty in any objects, even the messiest ones. Great shots for the abandoned hunting cabin.

  4. Yes, this is a totally abandoned hunting cabin! Maybe, there is nothing interesting to be hunted here… Or something bad happened here :). Let’s investigate this! Starting from the local people… lol.

  5. I need help locating a place my scout troop camped near in the 1990s.
    There was a two story white lodge, up a small hill was a power house, and another small building. There was also a concrete dock with a flagpole and plaques of his past dogs surrounding the pole. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

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