Abandoned Barns (7 of 8)

January 2015

9 thoughts on “Abandoned Barns

  1. This is usual in today’s world. No farmers in large numbers. Just a bunch of internet addicts.

  2. Sad pics. The black and white adds to the destructive feel of the imagery. They all look like very vacant areas.

  3. The place really looked abandoned and the background color really depict that. Nice shot by the way.

  4. Very spooky. Makes you want to get in your bed and curled up under your blanket. The shots remind me of certain images from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  5. The barns look so dry and less cared for,it really an abandoned one. The black and white let it show just that.

  6. Good job on getting the photo! It has a gloomy and mysterious atmosphere to it. I love these sorts of photos.

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