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Abandoned Beech-Nut Packing Company


July 2016


12 responses to “Abandoned Beech-Nut Packing Company”

  1. Probably the company went bankrupt, all employees were liquidated, or it may be that the owner of this company died and had no heirs.

  2. This is really not good, what a wasted invested. I wish something should be done to revive this company and employ graduates

  3. A very big building is a very big investment. I hope the owner can have this place rented instead of being abandoned.

  4. This was money making investment a while back. Too bad it was abandoned for whatever reasons. Nice shot still.

  5. It’s very sad when the companies close their business, it alwas maks me think what could have been the reason for the closure

  6. I an thinking why this company ended their operation. I feel sorry for its workers became jobless that time.

  7. It is abandoned sure but it looks like it can still be converted to something else to be of use. A naval headquarters or airport sounds like a good idea. It just has that atmosphere.

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