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Abandoned Bungalows

Abandoned Bungalows


15 responses to “Abandoned Bungalows”

  1. This looks a house on the island though it isn’t. I like the calmness of the place all the same.

  2. It’s such a waste not to use these houses for shelter. The houses looks good to live in.

  3. This is wastefulness at its peak.. This bungalows are in good condition..Why are they abandoned?.This is just crazy..

  4. I love bungalows. If ever I will have my own house someday I want it to be a bungalow. It feels more cozy on it.

  5. This must have been a very creative made house. Still looks as stunning as ever even though abandoned.

  6. It almost looks like a summer camp with all these bungalows surrounded by nature. I’m sure many people could use this open space and revamp it if necessary.

  7. The whole place looks like it’s in such a good shape. I could have never guessed it was abandoned.

  8. I wonder what would make anyone abandon such beautiful bungalows. Maybe it’s a nuclear radiation ridden town.

  9. I like the serenity and calm of this place. It would make for a good place to meditate.

  10. It’s unbelievable that these are abandoned houses. I hope the owners had very good reasons for abandoning them.

  11. These seems to be still in good shape so why? I would not mind to have one of these though. Is it for lease?

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