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Abandoned Church

30 responses to “Abandoned Church”

  1. I wonder what’s the story behind this church that has been abandoned? It still looks pretty fine from the outside.

  2. At this time though sites like these are common. Will church services ever return? Who knows!!! Never the less this virus has changed a lot of things. Businesses, church buildings even lives. WE are all in this together.

  3. I wonder what’s the story behind this congregation? It still looks truly fine all things considered.

  4. This building remind me me of my local church. I had beautiful memories there back in the days.

  5. This church looks really big, what’s the story behind its abandonment? Definitely cant be Corona virus. I love the view

  6. I guess this pandemic has led to the abandonment of this church. Soon and very soon it’ll be full again.

  7. Wow. What a beautiful Church. Just by looking at it you know it’s a church by design.

  8. This church wont take alot from putting in shape from the look of things. Might be abandoned due to the quarantine from this COVID 19 pandemic . I love the black and white effect

  9. This church is very simple and beautiful, I like it but I don’t understand why it is abandoned.

  10. I hope somebody or a group would renovate this church. This can really stil be used by church goers.

  11. whoah! This church can be a good place to start a horror film. It really looks creepy specially that the church is located in a forest.

  12. I love the creepy atmosphere! The picture seemed like there could be a ghost at the abandoned church. Amazing photo as always!

  13. The picture looks a bit scary, but I like it. This church looks different than the ones in my country

  14. Just wondering why the church was abandoned. it doesn’t really look bad and not too good either.

  15. This church is still in a good shape and will be useful again if taken care of. It’s a small one but it can serve very well as our connection to God.

  16. I could have never guessed it is a church if it were not for the title. It can easily pass for a home.

  17. A bit of renovation would be in order. The church is still in very good condition.

  18. I feel bad seeing a church in this state. It is a place of worship and should be taken care of.

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