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Abandoned Factory Lobby

May 2017

14 responses to “Abandoned Factory Lobby”

  1. Could it be the black and white edit giving it a bad look, though abandoned but it looks it will never been so bad in colored effect.

  2. The picture is amazing, it could be related to a paranormal place by the look of the place and the way it was taken.

  3. Wow, this looks like the perfect setting for a big budget movie water escape! How did you get this shot without getting soaked? I’d love to hear the story behind it. Awesome pic.

  4. This has seen better days. A processing plant in its glory days perhaps. A good inside view would be nice. However, the shot gives off some mystery.

  5. For this place to be abandoned, it must have a good reason. The photography output is so matured.

  6. That really looks straight out of some found footage horror movie or video game. I am quite very unsettled by the foreboding aura of this picture.

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