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Abandoned Farmhouse

23 responses to “Abandoned Farmhouse”

  1. The house looks older in the photo. Must be the color scheme? It needs color honestly to make it pop a bit. A lifeless shot is not working.

  2. Sometimes I just wonder why people abandon their homes. This still looks okay to me. It just needs a little touch it back to what it used to be.Great shot.

  3. Its an epic shot with the focus on the abandoned farmhouse and the overgrown trees. The dark shade of color looks great too.

  4. This is an abandoned house.. Maybe ,a little repair will do the trick..nice picture…

  5. The farmhouse definitely has a creepy vibe to it. However, it looks very beautiful despite the picture being black and white. Thank you for sharing!

  6. The farm house looks hauntes from a far. Maybe it’s because of the black and white effect. But it still stand good though.

  7. I love the black and white color shade of this photo, makes it look so nice. The design of this farmhouse is is also very classic. It seems that before it was abandoned it must have been very beautiful.

  8. That’s a big farmhouse to leave behind. I’m sure there would be many takers for new ownership. I love the black and white and the cold seasonal effect.

  9. It gives off a foreboding air about it, I’m not going to enter it even for just curiosity’s sake. Pretty much anyone can take a picture but your photographs really convey intense feelings that not all people can pull off very well. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Impressive shot here you capture this farmhouse still standing tall. Though it a bit bad.

  11. Big farm house, I’m wondering why people one day decided stop leaving there and just let it fall in pieces.

  12. It;s a lovely abandoned farmhouse. I wouldn’t mind to live here when its renovated.

  13. Somewhere someone be can reside so as not to have issue with anyone, I call it a peaceful stay place… A lil pimping will do it good

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