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Abandoned Farmstead In Black and White

Abandoned Farmstead In Black And White

August 2015

Abandoned Farmstead

22 responses to “Abandoned Farmstead In Black and White”

  1. Wow, the place is just about to fall down, too bad… if I had a small place like that surronded by nature I wouldn’t let it get to this point.

  2. I would take care of it , I would never let it fall into that state. So, I notice that the environment looks nice.

  3. Abandoned place like this would have been useful to familys living on the streets without a home, just a thought. On the other hand, I can smell fresh air in this area.

  4. The weeds has made the abandoned farm stead a home. The damage is just too severe. It would take alot but man power and capital to get it fixed

  5. It’s rather obvious why the house was abandoned. No one can live in a structure like this haha

  6. This damage is too much, looks like the building gonna be removed totally. The cost of repairs will be too much. Lovely colour, makes it look more old school

  7. Interestingly, the house could act as shelter for some wild animals. Even the most useless things have some use.

  8. That black and white effect really looks good on the picture. Much better than the colored version even.

  9. I am no fan of creepy buildings. But this one makes me want to enter and explore it.

  10. Now his is old school Both figuratively and literally. Farm houses are rare now due to continuous modernization. This is good to see. A classic I would say.

  11. I hope someone would renovate this place because this can be use as a shelter for homeless people out there. This could be a great help for them.

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