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Abandoned Ford Truck

Abandoned Ford Truck

February 2009

10 responses to “Abandoned Ford Truck”

  1. This truck is worth ones saving when newly gotten and now wasted and abandoned. Meaning nothing worth dying for; there is season for everything.

  2. Really looks like my grandfather’s truck also packed abandoned. Seriously this trucks are stronger than what we have now

  3. This is one of the old and strong vehicles. The kind which would smash to a tree and have small damages.

  4. This is a realy nice picture. I love the topic, the blak and white effect, and the way how the picture was taken.

  5. I would totally drive this car even though it’s a little beaten up. It’s got awesome zest and vintage appeal. Sweet photo!

  6. I hate to say this but it is better for it to be scrapped. As they say nothing last forever. That is true even for machines. It is the conclusion of all things I suppose.

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