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Abandoned House By The Ocean

Abandoned House By The Ocean

September 2019

12 responses to “Abandoned House By The Ocean”

  1. I can really see the effects of past rough weather on the frame of that house, having withstood it so much for the people who depended on it for shelter. It also still looks quite sturdy for an abandoned house. I wonder how it was like living beside the ocean and what adventures and misadventures the people who used to live there went through?

  2. It still looks like to be in good shape. If it is then perhaps this could be of service one last time? Sure, it maybe in the middle of nowhere but, that can be solved by a car or what. Granted this has to be near the market or the city for that matter.

  3. The house is so new and beautiful. I wonder why on earth will someone abandoned just abandoned such a house. Well the reason best known to them. Nice photography output. Thanks Mr. Tom for a good job there.

  4. Abandoned houses everywhere, it good you captured them for posterity in case there are no more there tomorrow.

  5. Its a big beautiful house. Would do well with renovation. Some paint and a good interior design woulf restore it to its beauty

  6. Tom, seeing this picture makes me remember some houses in my region here. It might look abandoned but I believe it gives shelter to some animals and other creatures too. Nice shot!

  7. How can beautiful and good looking house like this be abandoned. I like the fact it is situated on a hill

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