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Abandoned Kitchen


November 2015

15 responses to “Abandoned Kitchen”

  1. I think the faucet in the sink still works. The cabinets still looks good if it’s being taken care of.

  2. This kitchen must have been wonderful in its early days. I bet it can still be used though.

  3. In its current state this kitchen is a health hazard. I wonder why it was abandoned.

  4. The sink seems to be in an okay condition. I think some parts of the kitchen can still be used.

  5. With a little cleaning and restoring this kitchen can be as good as new. It shouldn’t have been abandoned.

  6. I take it that this is the kitchen of that house in the previous shots?The damage looks extensive. Just replace it if it cant be saved.

  7. This is really a scruffy looking kitchen albeit abandoned. You did capture it well and even added a nice background color to it.

  8. Looks like a very tight spaced kitchen. It could use some renovations before bringing it back into speed. Definitely some value though for future dwellers!

  9. This is bad…dirty..its an abandoned kitchen or maybe the users are just plain dirty

  10. The photograph of an abandoned kitchen is not at all praiseworthy. This photograph is not looking nice from any angle.

  11. This is more like an abadoned property. Maybe the owners are out of town or don’t just care about it.

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