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Abandoned Mill And Depot

November 2018

12 responses to “Abandoned Mill And Depot”

  1. I love your photos. Looking at this one just takes me right to it, and gives me a lot of feelings.

  2. I am not sure if I like the black and white theme but I like it. Looks vintage and less creepy.

  3. This makes me feel nostalgic for some weird reason. Weird because I don’t think I’ve ever seen an abandoned mill or depot in person. But that’s what make a great image or picture isn’t it? The ability to make one feel some kind of kinship even if one has never experienced it (sorry for my English, not my first language). You take great pictures!

    • Thanks for your comment, Stella! No need to apologise for your English; I read your comment myself and understand it completely. 🙂

  4. Vintage photo. I just like the classic looks of the photo,it really look pleasant to the eyes.

  5. A job well done it really looks nice with the vintage appearance. I like some unique photos captured in white and black.

  6. I’ve never seen an abandoned mill in reality, thanks to this picture i have a vivid idea of how one looks like. Great work of art.

  7. Great title. The mill almost looks lonely with the solemn black and white and the outdoor landscape. Thanks for sharing.

  8. It may be a simple picture but it speaks a lot. It is minimalistic. I don’t understand what I feel after looking at it.

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