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Abandoned Mill

Abandoned Mill - Central Bridge, New York
January 2015

24 responses to “Abandoned Mill”

  1. Great photography here! I would love to hear the backstory of this abandoned mill. What was its previous role?

  2. That picture looks really old like someone took it from the 80’s or something. Seems like no one is inside the mill. Amazing photography skills as usual. Keep it up!

  3. I think there were not enough resources to continue with this mill or probably the owners went bankrupt, or the market went into a crisis could be the real cause for them to close it.

  4. You are a very talented photographer. These photos of abandoned mill exactly depicts the age it was built because you use black and white color.

  5. A used to be in a place like this since it is a job here Milling sugar and stuff. I miss it honestly so this makes me feel Nostalgic. Those where the days.

  6. Seriously now, why are projects like this abandoned? I really wish it could start working again, atleast more employment will be added.

  7. The beauty and age of this mill is enhanced by your skills. I am really happy to come across your site.

  8. I am not always happy seeing abandoned projects. I believe when revisited, they will produce more better than they have been.

  9. You are a midas fingers, this photo is excellently taken. I just like the background of it. looking quite cute

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