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Abandoned Mining House

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23 responses to “Abandoned Mining House”

  1. I am sure is this is going to be repaired, woods aren’t gonna be used. Lovely picture, I love you work Thomas

  2. An abandoned mining house in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by dried weeds. Good output, I salute your work always.

  3. I guess the house was abandoned after whatever they were mining got depleted. Such is the behaviour of man.

  4. The building sure does look abandoned. All alone in the woods with overgrown grass. Nice picture but the whole place looks lonely.

  5. Wow, this house is best salvaged for its timber. I don’t think it can be used for anything else given how downtrodden it looks.

  6. I am really curious as to what was being mined here. It might be oil given how dry the place looks.

  7. Abandoned mining house indeed. Wondered why it be was abandoned because it still manageable.

  8. The entire yard could use some maintenance. Then again, no one cares since the house is abandoned.

  9. The state of the house makes one wonder what actually happened. It is almost as if it was hit by a bomb.

  10. I think it was wise for the miners to abandon the building. From the looks of it it may collapse any moment without much warning.

  11. The abandoned mining house looks so creepy. The area looks like in the middle of nowhere.

  12. What really happened to this place? Look a lot of workers died from an accident. Hope this place could be renovated.

  13. This house looks haunted and scary. Yet, this picture was nicely captured anyway that ease my feeling.

  14. This mining house is similar to a cute country house, the shadows in the photograph give it a nice background.

  15. Wgat a beautiful place, I guess is too late to restore the house but hopefully someone get to use that spot to build a new place.

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